This is a Tour for the Zyte division (51th - 110th Rank)

Sign up starts: Day 9 - 18:20 GMT

Stages: 10 Length: 1121 km

Stages of Volta ao PortoEdit

Stage Length
Porto Prologue 4 km
Porto - Viana do Castelo 154 km
Viana do Castelo - Portelinha 147 km
Porto - Aveiro 161 km
Aveiro (ITT) 47 km
Aveiro - Penamacor 168 km
Macedo de Cavaleiros - Vinhais 164 km
Vinhais - Vinhais 132 km
Porto (ITT) 23 km
Porto - Porto (Parade) 121 km
Brasao porto-1-

Past WinnersEdit

General Classification

First Edition: Keegan Shiable, Team Kernow

2nd Edition: Yasir Sahir, Torreira

3rd Edition: Herbert Andersson, Mypa

4th Edition: Knut Pave, Team Wells

5th Edition: Kasper Czechowski, Bywater CT

Youth Classification

First Edition: Vernon Kings, Fairfield Flyers Cycling

OCM Volta shirts

2nd Edition: Isaak Papadimitriou, Club Ciclista Riaza

3rd Edition: Susumu Miyazaki, Hommerts Cycling Team

4th Edition: Lionel Lefever, Poker21

5th Edition: Frank Herbage, Megaman

Sprinting classification

First Edition: Noe Bello, disco cycling

2nd Edition: Torben Sturmann, Shinboners

3rd Edition: Miron Golovina, G D RAPOSENSE

4th Edition: Miles Finnerty, cway

5th Edition: Riyad Hashim, Bywater CT

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