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Put any team introduction of your team in here


Further enlarge the info of the introduction by writing more about ur team over the seasons, like biggest wins, changes in direction or whatever u wish to tell. Dont forget to add links to other pages such as if you had Rostam Sirjani riding for you or you were a member of SNAOTR, this is all stuff that would be nice to add. Links can be added in the option that looks like a paperclip under 'Text Apperance'.

Core RidersEdit

Here you can show your current 'permanent' squad using a bulleted list with either links to OCM:

Or links to a rider page on the wiki:

Notable Former RidersEdit

If you want to you can add links for any former riders using the same techniques as above:

Notable ResultsEdit

Here you can add any notable results using a bulleted list for important races. Use whatever applies for ur team. Alot of team never participated in the WC or never got a result in a tour so those can be deleted of course:

World Championship
Road Race
Time Trail
General Classification
Youth Classification
Single Day Races

And include a table of all your results:

Wins Seconds Thirds Other Total
18 14 23 4 59


Include any links you feel are relevant, to pages both in and outside the wiki, that havent been covered above.

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