Korten Cycletek
Current Racing Jersey

Seasons Active

Season 10 - Season 14



Team Captain

Jerome Castermans

Team Focus


Notable Wins

Got into Div 2 in just under 4 seasons, does that count?

Team Page:

Background Info

OCM's favorite renegade flamer (see also 'annoying twat') circa. seasons 10 to 14. Famous for flaming, complaining about how cobbles were bugged and occasionally selling semi-decent riders.

Core Riders

  • Jerome Castermans (BEL)
  • Dan Kihlstrom (SWE)
  • Elias Rexrode (NZL)
  • Emanuel Alvares (POR)
  • Didier Vanden Driessche (BEL)
  • Stefan Ørtoft (DK)

Notable 'Semi-Decent' Former Riders

  • Klaus Naessens (FFL)
  • Hermano Afonso (Skils)
  • Jannic De Keijsere (Torreira)
  • Warren Beck (Temora Tornadoes)
  • Aiden Lalonde (Kremer)
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