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This wiki was set up by me as a tool for members of the OCM community who wanted some form of outlet to serve as an encyclopedia for the game. I intend to do little in the way of active contribution/editing to the wiki and as such, aside from the basic framework i have set out such as the front page and the rider, races, teams etc. subcategories, all articles are to be proved by community members who can use their own artistic flair to decide what to write and how to write it.

For a short while, to allow the wiki to grow, articles will be allowed to be added without signing in but after this, assuming a 'proper' admin steps up it would probabaly be nicer to have sign in just so you can see who added what. ;)

On that note, if anybody would like to become a moderator for the wiki so that the basic functioning of the site is catered for by someone who is more actively involved in the game than I currently am, please create a Wikia account and contact me here.

Welcome to the OCM/Cycling Simulator Wiki

There was a discussion on the forum about a wiki and being the nice lad i am i decided (completely without consulting nick, so if he doesn't want it i will have to remove it, so sorry if this is the case) to make one.

Don't expect me to be a to do any sort of housekeeping/editing (in fact i gave nick the admin pass so if he doesn't want it there's nothing any of you can do haha) but now at least there is something for you all to use should you want to.

Much Love

K x

P.S. This is intended to be a site to extend the friendly community spirit of the game so make sure you keep all your content 'reasonable' just to avoid any trouble with the wikia site owners. If you are not entirely sure what you are doing with regards to editng/making articles i suggest you make a test page an mess around with it until you are comfortable with how the controls work.

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